10 years for $10k! The annual Stacy B. Windrow 5K is gearing up for its 10th race and we are striving to raise $10k to benefit Feed America First. Feed America First is a faith based 501(c)3 hunger relief agency based out of Murfreesboro, TN. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and will go towards their mission to, “provide food to those who feed the hungry.” In 2017, our total donations to Feed America First allowed them to serve over 80,000 families. 


Olive Branch Church

18% of the Olive Branch Church budget has been allocated specifically for community outreach. Our purpose is to continue to develop and enhance a Three-Pronged Outreach Ministry where we focus on eradicating these areas:

Illiteracy | Poverty | Hunger

Fueled by our 2020 Vision, we stay focused on, “creating a vibrant community that emphasises enrichment, excellence and fellowship, as we evangelize our area in love and power to the Glory of God.” We have a number of partnerships that allow us to do an amazing amount of Ministry in the USA and abroad.

We empower people through Faith and Fitness
— Stacy B. Windrow

What We've Achieved

In 2017, The Stacy B. Windrow 5K donated $6000 to Feed America First, our largest donation yet! That's more than 80,000 meals for families. Thank you to our participants and sponsors.  

We are excited about our 10 years for $10k race in 2018!